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Spectrum Books!

What is Spectrum Books?

Spectrum Books is a self-publishing house for GLBT novels, novellas, and short stories. From authors to their readers, we strive to provide something for everyone.

  1. Self-Publishing Store

    We provide a storefront for authors to distribute self-published books and stories!

  2. Book Reviews

    We read and review books to give a perspective on what's hot (and what's not).

  3. Commuity for Readers and Authors

    We provide community resources to help support our authors and the readers that love them!

  4. Resources & Support

    Our core goal is to provide tools and guidance to support our community.


Spectrum Books provides all the core funcionality necessary to allow authors to successfully self-publish their gay novels, novellas, and stories:


Authors live and die by the readers who buy and love their books. Beyond selling them the books they want, we also strive to make our readers feel like part of the family!

Want To Sell Books?

Self-publishers are authors that have written books and stories that they want to sell directly or want to boost sales of existing books through affiliate listings. Spectrum Books provides ebook distribution and affiliate listings for new or veteran authors, and everyone in between! It's very easy to get started:

  1. Create an Account: All customers at Spectrum Books -- authors and readers -- start with creating an account. You can register directly, or connect via Facebook. Don't worry: if you write under a Pen name, we'll be setting that up shortly.
  2. My Account: Once you're logged in, make your way to the My Account page. Scroll down to the bottom and read all the great benefits of becoming an Author on Spectrum Books. When you're ready, click the icon or "Start Selling Now" button.
  3. Author Profile: The Author Profile is where your readers can get to know you. If you have a pseudonym (aka Pen Name, Alias, Assumed Name, Nom de Plume, Stage Name), you will enter it here. And don't be shy with the details; readers love to know the folks writing these books!

    Note that your PayPal address is very important if you want your commissions to be paid electronically. If you would prefer another method of payment (cash, check, money order, chickens, etc) please contact the Spectrum Books administration.

  4. Start Selling: That's it! You are now ready to start selling your books! The My Account page will automatically update to display your Author Account links, including your Dashboard, Seller Profile, Books, Transactions, and Request Payout.

Adding Books

Click the New Book icon to open the New Book form and give your book new life: