Organic Chemistry

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Organic Chemistry
Author:Andrew Grey
Cover Artist:Aaron Anderson
Publisher:Dreamspinner Press
Genre:Contemporary M/M
Length:Novella (134 Pages)
Rating:<?php echo 5; ?> Stars

Chemistry: Book One

Brendon Marcus lives for his work. A boy genius who fast-tracked his way to college professor by his early twenties, he doesn’t know any other way to be. People confound him. So when Josh Horton, the assistant football coach, pursues him, Brendon isn’t sure what to make of him.

Josh has his own problems. His successful parents aren’t particularly happy with his career path, and some of the players don’t like having a gay assistant coach. He begins to have doubts, but Brendon makes the world look a little brighter.

But when Brendon’s department head starts to make trouble, Josh and Brendon discover that standing up for each other is the first step to standing up for themselves.


Brendon is an adorable young genious with the social aptitude of a rock, akin to many other brilliant people, I got the feeling he would have tested positive for Asperger's.  Irregardless of his lack of social graces, as a Chemistry professor his students and (most) colleagues love him.  And when he literally stumbles into assistant coach Josh, thus begins a courtship that, you got it, Brendon neither understands nor trusts.

I don't know how he does it, but Andrew Grey has an amazing ability to add believable character into his characters.  Brendon has had some really bad relationships which have got him gun-shy, and he really does have horrible social skills; both I can relate to!  The way Brendon warms up to Josh and subconciously seems to let him into his life is a very familiar introverted condition.  On the flip side of the coin, Andrew portrayed Josh with the same extroverted personality that I have seen in others and which has baffled me.

Organic Chemistry was a quick read, but there was a lot packed into this novella!  The first in the Chemistry series, this book kicks it off perfectly.  I'm excited to get my eyes on Biochemistry, and highly recommend this sweet little romance novella.

Reviewed by
Noah Ren

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