Welcome to Beta Testing!

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Added:2013-11-17 03:35:22

Welcome to the Spectrum Books Community Beta!

This is a zero-risk Beta; no monetary transactions will be made.  To help testing, please browse around and play with the site.  Use it like you would any other site and make sure everything works, and works as you would expect.

If you want to go above and beyond, please check out some of these tasks:

  1. Try to purchase a book as an unregistered user.  You should always be prompted to log in before you can use your cart.
  2. Register for a new account and make sure you can add/remove items from your cart.
  3. Make sure you can't add two of the same item to your cart!  You should never be able to buy the same book twice.
  4. Search for books.  There aren't many available, so searching is limited right now.
  5. Navigate for books in every way you can think of: from categories, best selling list, author list, etc.
  6. Go to my Account and register as a new author.  Make sure you can't break the form.
  7. Add new books.  You can "buy" the sample book in the store for seed files.  Then you can use the Cover Creator to make fake book covers.  With all these files, you can make your own fake book listing!  make sure you can't break this form, too!
  8. Make sure you can preview books without breaking anything.
  9. Purchase a book.  This site uses Paypal Sandbox, so you can register a new account without worrying about using real money.  Or, you can use the coupon code "FSB100OFF" to get a 100% discount during checkout.
  10. Make sure all the books you buy, you can download.  You should have links for all available formats, for all available books.
  11. Post in the forums.  Make sure you can read and post messages.
  12. Send a message to an author.
  13. If you're feeling bold, try to connect via Facebook.  I don't collect any of your personal information besides your name and email address.
  14. Do anything else you can think of that might break the store.  If you can do it, I'm sure someone else will, too!

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